Meet Arcadia!

We could not be more excited to partner with such a fantastic organization doing so much for the city we all love. If you're not familiar with the work they're doing to promote a more equitable and sustainable food system here in DC, we're here to teach!

Speaking of teach, that's just what Arcadia does. Arcadia runs a beautiful farm in Alexandria that grows over 50 varieties of fruits, veggies and herbs.  The farm serves as a living agricultural classroom for school children and burgeoning farmers alike. Those lucky enough to visit the farm on a field trip or during Farm Camp get a chance to get their hands dirty - they plant, water, harvest, and eagerly taste fruits and vegetables – many of them for the first time. Every field trip includes a visit to their fresh salad bar featuring ingredients grown on the farm!  The idea is that visitors take home the ideals and values of sustainable, equitable and economically viable food.

Another way Arcadia is spreading its values is via their amazing Mobile Market.  The refurbished-schoolbus-based market on wheels makes weekly stops in low food access neighborhoods of DC, packed to the rafters with high quality, sustainably grown food from their farm and others within 100 miles of the city.  Arcadia goes the extra mile, making the food affordable by matching (doubling) the value of SNAP, WIC and SFMNP benefits up to $10 per transaction! 

In the last two seasons, the Mobile Market has served more than 10,000 customers, selling $110,000 of local food in communities that would otherwise have no access to fresh, nutritious food.

Arcadia's programs are changing and enriching the lives of our fellow Washingtonians every day.  Every single penny donated during The Month of Love will go directly to Arcadia and will have an immediate and positive impact on someones life.  Thank you for your help and generosity in supporting Arcadia and The Month of Love!


Ryan Hansan
Ryan Hansan