Meet the Team: Rose McCarthy

Hi, everybody! I’m Rose McCarthy, your friendly scratchDC blogger, and this is the first in a “Meet the Team” series. We’re offering a look behind the scenes so you can get to know who’s who at scratchDC, who’s working hard every day to get you delicious food.

I’m the newest member of the team, coming up on my month anniversary. scratchDC is a young but hungry company, which is code for: Hit the ground running and be prepared to do a little bit of everything. Works for me! I’m not only your blogger, I field your emails, deal with gift card orders, handle charitable giving, work on marketing ideas like getting us involved in local events, etc. And there’s usually a little bit of helping out with meal bundle prep, packing, and even delivery too. I love the variety. Never a dull moment. In fact, the past month's been really fun and exciting. All of us work together and pitch in wherever needed to get those lil’ meal bundles out our door to yours.

Here’s a little more about me:

  • Favorite scratchDC Meal: Tomato, Spinach, and Goat Cheese Chicken with a Basil Zucchini Quinoa
  • Favorite Food from Back Home in PA: It’s a tie between my Mom’s marinated squid salad and her pasta with meaty red sauce.
  • In my spare time I like to... take cooking and mixology classes, garden, roam farm markets, practice yoga, and ride my bike.
  • Something interesting about me is… before changing careers and joining the team at scratchDC I worked as a real-life Indiana Jones (well without all the shooting and cracking my whip).

Next up is a post brought to you by yours truly on scratchDC founder Ryan Hansan. Wonder what his favorite scratch meal is? Stay tuned!

Rose McCarthy
Rose McCarthy