scratchDC Now Accepts PayPal!

We know. One of the most annoying parts about ordering a delicious scratchDC bundle is pulling out your credit card and inputting the numbers every single time. While a bit time consuming, its all about your safety - our hosting platform, Shopify, does not store any credit card information at all to maintain PCI compliance and not risk any of your valuable data.

However, trusty PayPal does, and we are thrilled to now be accepting PayPal payments!  

We will of course still be accepting credit cards the "old fashioned" way, however if you're a daily or weekly orderer and have not memorized your CC info by now, you can choose to pay via PayPal!

All you've got to do is click the little PayPal button on the checkout page, and then click "Complete my purchase" below.  The magical PayPal interface will pop up, and you will be good to go! Hope this is as revolutionary to you as it is to us and makes it even easier to make amazing meals!

Ryan Hansan
Ryan Hansan