Meet the Team: Travis Mitchell

Next up in "Meet the Team" is Travis Mitchell. He runs the scratchDC kitchen on a day-to-day basis. This includes:

  • Ordering fresh, local food

  • Managing the food prep process

  • Tracking cost and availability of local products

  • Finding ways to produce less waste and making scratchDC as "green" as possible

  • As our resident saucier, making the best salsa you've ever had.*

Some Travis tidbits:

  • Favorite scratchDC Meal: Beef Wellington w/ Red Wine Reduction

  • Favorite Food from Back Home in VA: It's a tie: My dad's pancakes and my Mom's fresh picked strawberry pie

  • In my spare time I like to... play drums, golf, play with my dogs, and homebrew beer!

  • Something interesting about me is... I was the drummer in a blues/rock band in college (JMU) called Dirty And The Mudflaps. My nickname was Styx Jr.

*I can attest to our salsa's greatness. It's a magical elixir. I could do shots of it.

Rose McCarthy
Rose McCarthy