Thursday Is Bow Tie Day

Wanna rock a bow tie this Thursday? We thought so. How about a whole mess o' bow ties? Yup - we thought so to that, too. Get yo bow ties here. Of the roasted garlic, parmesan, white wine variety. The best kind, in our opinion. We think you'll agree.

Thursday we're offering farfalle pasta. Farfalle (singular: farfalla) mean "butterflies" in Italian, which are cute and all, but we prefer to think of them as bow ties. I guess we're showing our dressy side.

Farfalle pasta dates to 16th century Lombardy and Emilia-Romagna in northern Italy. It comes in several sizes and colors. It's made by pinching together the center of ruffled rectangular or oval shapes of pasta. The bow ties are perfect for cream sauces because of their nooks and crannies, which means they're well suited to hold our majorly yummy cheesy, garlicky cream sauce.

So get dressy this week and rock the bow tie(s).

Rose McCarthy
Rose McCarthy