#WhyFoodWorks - Beef Bulgogi

As a dietitian, I hear a lot about what people eat – and what they don’t eat.  In fact, more people define their diets primarily by what they avoid rather than describing the actual content of their meals!  Think about it: even words like “vegetarian” “vegan” and “paleo” only tell you what a person refrains from consuming (meat, animal products, grains & dairy, in those examples respectively), not what they eat most.  The number one thing I hear from people who are telling me about a new-found healthy diet?  “I don’t eat red meat.”

So let’s talk about red meat.  It’s true that as a country, we eat more than enough.  From an energy and environmental perspective, it’s far more costly to produce.  Red meat tends to be consumed frequently, in large portion sizes, and is often central in meals that lack fiber, produce, and tend to be high refined flour (think burgers, hot dogs, ribs, and barbeque).  The problem isn’t with the meat itself, which is a great source of iron, B-vitamins, and protein, but with the preparation, portion size and the context we tend to consume it in!

Enter ScratchDC’s Beef Bulgogi, available for purchase tomorrow!  They complement the reasonable sized portion of beef (from Roseda Beef in Monkton, MD!) with nutrient-dense veggies like bok choy, onions, and carrots, and pair it with fiber-rich quinoa and mushrooms.  Because beef is an animal product, it contains cholesterol.  Although most of the cholesterol in our bodies is manufactured by our own livers, cholesterol we consume is absorbed less when fiber is included in the meal, and most Americans are getting less than HALF the recommended fiber (averaging around 11g instead of 25-25g!).  The combination of protein and fiber will keep you feeling satisfied, prevent blood sugar from spiking (white flour is a major spiker!), and ensure that things move along at a healthy pace through the digestive tract.

This meal gets the dietitian stamp of approval for its balance of fiber and protein, inclusion of a serving of veggies, and keeping things to the right portion sizes!  Order now for your delivery tomorrow – beef is yours for (healthy) dinner!

Sarah Waybright, MS, RD, LD is the scratchDC Nutritionist in Residence.  She is all things healthy and runs an amazing company called Why Food Works.  

Ryan Hansan
Ryan Hansan