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Anna and Thom are winners. No, literally. They were the lucky winners of the Uber/ScratchDC Date Night contest we ran in October (check out our Instagram @ScratchDC). The prize pack included a ScratchDC dinner for two, two Uber rides, and tickets to see the intense flick, Gravity. We know you’re jealous, because we are too. We asked them to document their evening and report back to us. Again, to make you jealous.


In the words of this way to photogenic couple below:

Hi, we like each other! -Thom & Anna

"So, we like to make things. We made our coffee table, we make our own pop tarts, we even grew our own vegetable garden (actually let’s not talk about that; it died a slow and painful death). When it comes to the kitchen though, Thom is a strict recipe-follower and I am bit more of a free spirit. But sometimes we’re restricted because we don’t always have the ingredients (or time) we need to get creative.

Then came ScratchDC; all because I entered an Instagram contest on a whim this magical new service is now in my life and life is good. Now we know if we want to have a nice dinner in or try something new (while still having a recipe to calm Thom’s nerves), ScratchDC is there. 

They do all the legwork (shopping, cutting, measuring) and you get to do the fun parts. If you’ve ever had the fantasy of having your own cooking show, this is right up your alley. And when we compared it to shopping for all the ingredients ourselves, I think we made out like bandits.



Thanks again to scratchDC and Uber for giving us such a great date night to remember!"

-Thom & Anna

Joe Kennedy
Joe Kennedy