Clean Plate Club

What is the Clean Plate Club?
An incredibly flexible "membership" program that provides cost savings for loyal eaters, while allowing the flexibility to choose the meals you love the most. The Clean Plate Club is a "membership" that allows you to buy a monthly credit package at a discounted rate. The credits can then be applied to any meal, any time you want. Free money for things you already buy = Win, Win, Win, Win!

How Does the Clean Plate Club Work?
Choose your plan below and complete the checkout process. We'll send you your Clean Plate Club Credit Code that can be redeemed for the amount of credit based on your subscription level. Each month, your card will be charged and the Clean Plate Club Credit will be added to your account!

Sounds Frikkin Awesome! Any other details?
To enroll, you must create a new account above. You can use the same email/password as your scratchDC account, but it will technically be a different account than the one you use to order meals. Unused credit will be rolled over from month to month, with a maximum of $500 credited to your account at a time. Clubbers are restricted to ONE active plan per month. Clubbers must be able to accept delivery within our current delivery area to be eligible.

Upgrade/Cancellation Policy?
We want to make amazing meals as simple and cost-effective as we can, so upgrades and cancelations are as simple as a single click within your account page!

Subscriptions can be canceled at any time via your account page or by contacting scratchDC. However, once a monthly renewal has been automatically charged to your credit card and store credits have been issued, the monthly subscription fee can not be retroactively refunded. 

When will I receive my Clean Plate Club Credit?
Subscriptions will trigger the issuance of your Clean Plate Credit.  You will receive an initial welcome email immediately and then a secondary email containing your credit code within an hour or two of sign up. Upon successful renewal, your updated Clean Plate Credit balance will be emailed to you. (For example, if you sign up on April 4th, your subscription will then renew on the 4th of each month!)

Subsequent CPC codes will be sent within 2-3 business days of the renewal!