Let's Get Corporate!

"An amazing home cooked meal is my greatest motivation to work hard for my employer!"
                                     - said no one, ever... until now!

Let's get your office cookin' with our new "cook in" corporate program! We've put together some great packages that will allow everyone in the office (even the weird guy at the corner desk) to enjoy the scratchDC experience. Here's how it works:

You let us know how big your office is; we offer this program in blocks of 10. Once you're signed up, you'll let us know which day that you want to shower your office with deliciousness, and we'll deliver the corresponding number of deeply discounted, but equally delicious bundles.

Ready to saddle up? Head over to the corporate ordering page and get started!

FAQs: How does it work, you ask so intuitively?

How do you choose the meals? Once you expense the deliciousness party to the corporate card, we'll contact you within 24 hours to send you the menu options and coordinate delivery logistics!

When will the party be delivered? We will part the seas of the DC roads to deliver the office party between 1-4pm on the previously confirmed day. This will give plenty of time for your coworkers to grab their meals before leaving early to "beat the traffic".

Can we have different options? You will have to pick one meal for the whole office to enjoy on the same evening; however, almost all of our meals have multiple options for you to choose from. For example, if you chose our world famous rice noodle ginger stir fry, we'd be happy to bring an assortment of beef, shrimp and tofu options to satisfy everyone in the office (corner desk guy still included).

How do I get started? Got an event coming up like.. tomorrow?!? Select your office size above, settle up and flip us an email. We can have the meals prepped and making you look like a hero with 24 hours notice.

Can I order more than 30? Yes. By golly, give us a call!

scratchDC - making YOU the best boss/co-worker since ______________ (insert date you emailed us)