How Delivery Works

scratchDC is excited to announce an addition to our delivery system that will make it even easier and more convenient to enjoy all of the deliciousness we have to offer.

Beginning on June 16th, scratchDC will simplify the delivery process by rolling out a cooler program for some home and apartment deliveries.  The program will give you more delivery flexibility and ensure that you can get cookin, when you want to.

Delivery options will be simplified to your choice of:

a.) Deliver to my office before 4:30 - Choose this option if you work in an office building with a fridge.  
We will deliver to you or a receptionist between 12:00pm-4:30pm, who will be responsible for putting the bundle in the fridge until you are ready to head home.

b.) Deliver to my apartment's doorman/front desk fridge before 5pm - Choose this option if you live in an apartment building with a front desk fridge.  
We will deliver to your doorman or front desk between 12:00pm and 5:00pm with instructions to refrigerate until you return home to pick the bundle up!

c.) Deliver to my face - someone will be home all day - Choose this option if you know you will be working from home, have a nanny, etc
We will deliver to your door between 12:00pm and 5:00pm. Please note that if someone is not home to receive the bundle, we will not be able to deliver.

d.) Deliver to my scratchDC cooler - Choose this option if none of the other options apply!  
We will deliver the bundle to a special cooler that we will supply.  Based on your instructions, the cooler will be left safely on your front porch, back deck, hallway, your building's mail room, etc, with plenty of ice packs to keep it perfectly chilled. The next time you order for delivery to the cooler, you will be responsible for leaving the cooler out along with the used ice packs (ideally you could refreeze them to keep the cooler extra chilly).  We will deliver your new bundle before 5pm and replace the used ice packs with frozen ones. 


We know what your thinking... "OMG - Coolers!? This is revolutionary!"
F. yeah it is.  For a little more info on how it works, take a gander at the FAQ's below

Is leaving the bundle in a cooler safe? How is the bundle kept cold?
We’ve done A LOT of testing.  We’ve tested coolers, dairy boxes, ice packs, gel packs and even dry ice and believe it or not, we’ve tested them in saunas!  We finally settled on these bad mama jamas which kept food chilled to below 41 a very, very long time… so, needless to say, we’re pretty confident we’ll be able to keep your bundle cool on even the hottest DC days!

What if my building doesn’t have a doorman?
If you are able to buzz us in, we will bring the cooler up and leave it outside your door. 

What if I forget to leave my cooler out, even though I selected cooler delivery?
Well, in short, this would suck. There may be some cases where we could leave a replacement cooler, but if the driver does not have one, we will not be able to leave the bundle unattended and will not be able to issue a refund.  If you are at work and realize you did not leave your cooler out, give us a call as early as you can and we might be able to make some magic happen.

What if I lose/destroy my cooler?
We would shed a tear for one of our fallen comrades.  However, if you let us know, we will replace the first lost cooler free of charge.  After the first one, each cooler replacement is $1,000,000. 

I have a doorman, but no fridge AND I'm not allowed to leave things in the hallway - how do I get my bundle!?
A tricky one, you are. In this case, we will leave the cooler with the front desk, just as if it were a package from FedEx/UPS! We will schmooze, woo and impress the pants off your doorman/building manager who will then hopefully allow us/you to leave the cooler behind the desk/in the package room on delivery days. We will work with and advocate for you - just let us know who we need to talk to.

What if I’m actually home when you deliver?
No matter if you're home or not, we'll knock or ring.  If you are home and answer, we will deliver right to you and give you a high five!

What do I do w/ my cooler when it's not in use?
The cooler is YOURS.  Please feel free to take it along to parties and picnics over the weekends, and stare longingly at it when it is not filled with deliciousness. 

Can you remind me, where do you deliver?
Sure thing! We currently deliver to the following zip codes:

22213, 22211, 22201, 22214, 22209, 22203, 22204, 22202, 22207, 22205, 22226, 22206, 22307, 22314, 22301, 22305, 22303, 22302, 20018, 20460, 20401, 20510, 20436, 20052, 20548, 20581, 20009, 20008, 20001, 20006, 20005, 20010, 20036, 20004, 20037, 20024, 20003, 20002, 20007, 20062, 20071, 20816, 20815, 20814, 20910, 20912, 20712, 20016, 20017, 20011, 20015, 20012, 20019, 20032, 20020