Week's Worth of Bundles Bundle!

Okay, this one is for all of you experienced scratchDC goers out there. So you've been around the block, tasted our amazing meals and fallen in love with the local goodness we deliver each and every week!

We've created a weekly subscription plan that will ensure delicious deliveries on-demand each and every week. Here's how it works: 

You pay a $108 flat rate per week (that's $27/meal!) to receive one bundle each night of the week, Monday-Thursday. It's a subscription that will automatically be charged each week. Don't worry though, you can cancel the plan at any time! We created this for those of you that are one click shoppers, not as a way to lock anyone into unwanted, recurring charges.

We'll email you the Friday before each week and settle on the options for each meal!

 You asked and we've answered. Let the deliciousness reign supreme!

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